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Find out what some of Locksmith 4 You 247’s customers are saying about our services.


“It was such an awful day… it was raining, I was on an emergency errand and just as I shut my car door I immediately realized that I had locked my keys in my car. After a quick call to Locksmith 4 You, they assured me that they’d have a technician out to me in under 45 minutes. They actually showed up in 15, and didn’t even nickel-and-dime me! WOW! 10/10, highly recommend using this company.”

– Chris J.Sept. 13, 2013

“Locked out of house, family wasn’t going to be home for another 3 hours. I could either wait or call a service. Decided to try Locksmith 4 You 247, and a personable locksmith showed up almost immediately and fixed my problem in under 20 minutes. Thanks Locksmith 4 You 247!!!”

– John S.Dec. 20, 2013

“The technician was quick and courteous. I ended up only waiting a total of about ~25 minutes before I was able to get into my car again.”

– Jessica S.Feb. 5, 2014

“I’m usually pretty good about keeping track of my wallet phone & keys, but this day had already been a stress-fest since I woke up. I rushed out the door, already late for work, and as I was doing my wallet/phone/keys check my eyes widened in terror when I found out what I was missing, just as the front door slammed behind me. Couldn’t get into my car, house, etc. since the rest of my family was at either school or work. I looked up an emergency locksmith service on my phone and found these guys, who claim they show up in under 45 min but they showed up for me in under 20. Great guys, if this happens to me again (hope it doesn’t!) I’m definitely using Locksmith 4 You again.”

– Diane F. Feb. 22, 2014

“These guys are good, unlocked my car v fast and the dude got me to laugh even tho I was frustrated. Usin em again if I need to for sure”

– Tyler C. Apr. 20, 2014

“I open my business every morning, and somehow, on this day, my business keys had gone missing! Not only did they let me into my building, but the gentleman even made me new keys on the spot. Don’t use any other locksmith company. Use Locksmith 4 You 247!”

– Eric R. Oct. 17, 2014