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J-Blog I’m writing today about an incident that occurred during a previous shift at my job one day. I work in a fairly large bank (I can’t mention which one!) in New York, New York. We’re a bank in the traditional sense; not one of these new ATM-focused banks. We have tellers, vaults, safes, and more »

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Have you ever had someone help you out so much that you feel compelled to write about them? That is what this is. I don’t usually blog, but this experience was so quality that to not write about it would be a crime. I live in a suburb just outside of Chicago, and the teenagers more »

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Jillian here,   It’s been awhile since I wrote about anything worthwhile on this blog, but I’m coming back with a bang!   I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 20 years now, and have easily lost at least 5 sets of car keys over the duration of my time here—running, at the beach, at the more »