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In case of an emergency lockout…call Locksmith 4 You 247 immediately!


  1. How much are Locksmith 4 You 247’s services?
    • Service Call: $29
    • Duplicate Ignition Keys: $75
    • High Security Ignition rekey: $160
    • Ignition rekey: $119
    • Duplicate Home Key: $15
    • Unlock Cars: $35
    • Unlocks: $35
    • Home Unlock: $35
    • Home Rekey: $25
    • Open Safe: $75 + Service Call
    • Home Lock Change: $45
  2. I’ve been locked out of my vehicle. What do I do? Before calling an auto locksmith professional, check all of the known last places for your keys. Check your pockets, purses, backpacks, under the car, and in your home or office. If you’re sure you’ve locked yourself out, or you can visually see the keys in your locked car, call Locksmith 4 You 247 and we’ll get a dispatch out to you right away.
  3. I’ve been locked out of my home or office. What do I do? Before it is necessary to call a professional locksmith service, make sure that your keys are not in your pocket, on the ground or in your car. Survey your home or business and see if there are any easily accessible windows or doors that would be unlocked. If you’ve exhausted all of these possibilities, phone in to Locksmith 4 You 247.
  4. I’ve lost my keys and am worried about someone breaking into my home or office. What do I do? Losing keys can be a traumatic and stressful experience for an individual. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do short of calling in a professional to come rekey your home or office, or upgrade or install a home security system.
  5. I forgot the combination to my safe. What are my options? Short of remembering your combinations (usually the birthday of a loved one), it is entirely possible that you are entering the code improperly. Remember that combination locks require the combination to be entered by turning the dial clockwise, and then counter clockwise, and then clockwise again to arrive at each of your combination numbers. If you think you’ve made an accident, you can reset the dial by spinning it clockwise a few rotations.
  6. My home security system is giving me trouble. What are my options? Most home security systems come equipped with a failsafe code or password for situations just like these. If you are unable to resolve the issue with your failsafe code or password, it may be necessary to phone in a professional.
  7. I recently fired an employee who has keys or access to my building. What should I do? In these kinds of situations, especially if there are bitter feelings left over, it’s often better safe than sorry. A business re-key or security system installation will put your worries to rest.
  8. I need replacement or duplicate keys made. What should I do? If you’re in need of spare or duplicate keys, Locksmith 4 You 247 is here to help. Our technicians can duplicate and copy keys for you on-site, from the comfort of your home or office.
  9. My key broke in my ignition or my broken keys no longer open my doors. What should I do? Key replacement or key duplication is easy, and our technicians can perform this task for you on-site if need be. If part of your keys have broken off in the ignition of your vehicle, first pull over your vehicle and bring it to a complete stop. You may need to call a professional with the appropriate tools to help remove the broken key.
  10. I’m torn between making duplicate keys for my family, or upgrading my home security system. What should I do? Creating duplicate keys could be a potential hazard for the safety of your home and and family. The safest bet to maintaining the security or you, your belongings and your loved ones is to have a high-tech security or entry system installed in your home today.