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I’m writing today about an incident that occurred during a previous shift at my job one day. I work in a fairly large bank (I can’t mention which one!) in New York, New York. We’re a bank in the traditional sense; not one of these new ATM-focused banks. We have tellers, vaults, safes, and emergency alarms—up until this point, I had never had any trouble in the way that deposits and withdraws were handled.

One of our very valued clients comes into the bank one day and asks to make a hefty deposit. After a lengthy verification process, I confirmed his details and was preparing to access our high-security bank vault when all of a sudden, my heart stopped. The code that opened the vault wasn’t working. I heard the initial click of the door unlock, but I couldn’t pry it open; it wouldn’t budge.

For a few brief moments of sheer abject terror, I panicked; if you have ever worked with anyone from Wall Street, you know that their time is money, and they’re not afraid to remind you of that fact. An extra hour spent waiting for your teller to bring you an unfathomable amount of money is not exactly the ideal situation for a big-time hot-shot corporate executive.

So what did I do? I bit my lip hard, and pulled out my phone for some investigative Googling. Within a few moments, I found Locksmith 4 You 247. Emergency? Check. International? Check. 45 minutes or less? I needed it in 15. I made the call, explained to them my situation. They confirmed and I waited, palms sweaty, inches from a panic attack.

They arrived in under 20 minutes. It was a team of two locksmiths, and after a quick assessment of our vault door, they used their hardware to pop it open, seemingly effortlessly. After a million ‘thank yous’ on my part, they took off—I gave my man his money, explained to him why it took so long, and he was surprisingly understanding. Crisis averted.

What would I have done without Locksmith 4 You 247? If you need a high security lock or safe opened, don’t hesitate! Call them immediately.