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Have you ever had someone help you out so much that you feel compelled to write about them? That is what this is. I don’t usually blog, but this experience was so quality that to not write about it would be a crime.

I live in a suburb just outside of Chicago, and the teenagers here descend upon the streets in hordes, like in the movie Gangs of New York. For obvious reasons, we keep our doors locked at all times. On a day off I had recently, I was watching my daughter Esmerelda while my wife was out and about running errands. She’s only 3 years old, but boy, is she a handful! About halfway into an episode of Community, my doorbell rang—I went to go check, but nobody was at the door. I figured it was the local kids playing a game of ‘Ding-Dong-Ditch’, so I dismissed it as a prank and went back to my daughter and the TV. Over the course of about half an hour, my doorbell rings 4 more times; on the last time, I stomped out my front door, and slammed the door behind me in a furious rage. I was so mad, I didn’t even realize that I had locked myself out, and locked my 3 year old daughter inside.

If you have children, you understand how terrifying that feeling is. Immediately, my rage turned into an overwhelming paranoid anxiety, and I began to noticeably freak out on my porch, much to the amusement of the neighborhood teens. Luckily, my neighbor saw me and called me over. I didn’t have my phone on me, so he offered to call a Locksmith service for me—he said he’d used them before, and that they were the fastest emergency lockout service in the nation. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I said something similar to: “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

I’ve seen it! They showed up in 10 minutes, I kid you not, ten minutes after my neighbor made the initial phone call, and I was back in my house in under 12. Don’t ever use another Locksmith service again, these guys are nationwide and as far as I’m concerned, the number one go to for all your residential locksmith & lockout services.


Never answering the doorbell again,